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People and Their Aspirations Are What Matter Most to Us

We started our business in premium real estate more than forty years ago.

Our business began in a villa that served both as a home and a workspace. Business has always felt personal. For successful clients, their work is as much an expression of who they are as their homes and they love it, however demanding it may be. Finding the right workspaces for them has taken us beyond commercial property brokerage. We have become experts not just in finding the best office space but also in optimizing these environments for their needs.

The brokerage of premium homes remains the core business of Engel & Völkers to this day. It has earned us a reputation around the world. Yet it is not just residential dreams that we help come true. We are also in the business of finding the perfect logistics and office real estate, while our Yachting division caters to the nautical desires of our more sea-faring clients. And this is just the beginning of what the Engel & Völkers brand makes possible. Our success in recent years has made this patently clear. Together with our exceptional partners, we are always working on new business ideas designed to offer our clients with the best possible solutions for their myriad of dreams and aspirations. This was the vision right back at the founding of our company, in a small villa in the Hamburg district of Blankenese, which served both as a home and a workplace.

As our working lives become increasingly flexible, more and more people are looking for a professional environment that meets their individual requirements. Compared to working remotely from home, a co-working space offers many more comforts and benefits – with ergonomic workstations, an outstanding infrastructure and the opportunity to grow a professional network. Engel & Völkers Work Edition offers premium offices with both excellent design standards and unparalleled inner-city locations. We have now opened our first co-working space in the heart of Hamburg.

Engel & Völkers Work Edition is ideal for any company, entrepreneur or start-up that is looking to benefit from office services, individual workstations and meeting rooms on a temporary or long-term basis. All members of Engel & Völkers Work Edition become part of an exclusive community. Events such as workshops, openings and a weekly community breakfast create a setting for professionals from a wide range of industries to interact and benefit from one another.

Engel & Völkers Work Edition aims to bring about the ideal working environment for professionals dedicated to their business. Now is your opportunity to join this community which together embraces ambition and makes dreams come true.

Christian Völkers
Christian Völkers
Chairman of the Advisory Board of Engel & Völkers Holding GmbH

E&V Work Edition is the realization of a work environment built to meet your needs, where you feel completely at ease.

Danielle Schindler
Danielle Schindler
Managing Director, Engel & Völkers Work Edition

Originally from New York City, I grew up with one of the world’s most dynamic property markets at my doorstep, cementing my fascination with real estate from an early age. I went on to make cities across the globe my home, exploring different cultures and customs, which led to an interest in how different cultures use spaces and interact with them and each other.

Moving to Tel Aviv but continuing to work for a NYC based financial services firm, led to my first experience managing an international team remotely from an office at a coworking space. It proved to be a revelation and inspired me to join an operator in the fledgling field of co-working. I thought deeply about the interrelations between quality of life and quality of work, and started gathering ideas for the perfect workspace. The result? Engel & Völkers Work Edition. A place that redefines teamwork. A place where innovative ideas, inspiring individuals and creative concepts come together and evolve.

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